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Lightn Cable Box

The Problem

Cords sucked.

Enter the

Lightn Cable Box

The answer to your cord problems.

- Hides your cords

- Compliments any room

- Setup in 2 minutes

- Bamboo wood and high density recycled plastic core.

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Lightn Cable Box
Regular price $30.00


Cord storage that looks good. 

The Lightn Cord box stores your power strips, and everything that attaches to it, out of sight and out of mind. It's perfect for hiding the cords under your desk, around your tv, or in your nightstand. It's recycled plastic body, perforated bottom, and bamboo wood top make it light but stylish. 


Hiding a powerstrip with 3-4 cords? Get the original size. 

Have two strips or an entire full strip? Go for our XL.


Don't take our word for it


I bought one and liked it so much I bought a second one. Big enough to accommodate a power bar and the lid snaps on and doesn't pop off like my other cheap ones.

Carol A

I'm so happy with this organizer box. I can't stand a heap of tangled cords going every which way. I've got two AC adapter boxes in there, one for the Macbook, one for a windows computer. It's awesome. 

Ben W

Man, I wish I would've found these sooner. While expensive for what they are, there's a reason why: they're terrific solutions for cable clutter.

Paul S

This is essentially a large plastic box that somehow manages to contain a whole gang of wires & transformers plus a surge protector that were previously a tangled mess & nuisance. The price is somewhat excessive but it definitely serves the purpose it’s intended for.

David S

I could have made my own for less money, but this one looks better than what I could do, and it saves me time and effort so well worth it overall.

Keith S.

Nice pieces to help organize and hide away all your extension cords. We bought two sets and they are much nicer to look at than a bunch of cords

Ellie E

Los Angeles, CA


Boxes look great in person exactly what I was looking for. A little inconvenient that slots are at the bottom so you have to unplug for set up. Other than that, great

Sandy D.

Los Angeles, CA


This is a very solid cable management box! Keeps everything clean and tangle free. I love the bamboo lid too. It blends in with my room decor perfectly!

Jess L

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